Our story

We are a team of award winning software engineers and data scientists.
We are independent.
We want to help change the software industry.
We want to help make software planet friendly.

We believe we need to Measure to Change.

We reinvest profit made from GoCodeGreen into next phase product development to make our platform better and more accurate. We are serious about doing something good, we look forward to working with you.

Read the thoughts of our CEO, Eric Zie in the press:

GoCodeGreen offers the first and most complete carbon
diagnosis and decisioning platform for software
Measure. Act. Reduce.

Our platform

It's in the numbers.

We've built a sophisticated, science based diagnosis platform so you don't have to. Plug in your data points and we'll produce a carbon calculation for the build and run cost of your software product. We help turn what's invisible to you now, into highly visible and actionable.

Use the platform, get straight to the action and do some good

Important Info

Sustainable Software Engineering Standards
We are also fully supportive and aligned with emerging standards in sustainable software engineering practices and principles. If you are adopting the Green Software Foundation standard for measuring software carbon intensity then we can accept your calculations straight into our platform.

Data Privacy
We are a data driven business and we treat data privacy seriously. We are ICO registered and comply with GDPR regulations.

We're part of the climate action group for tech companies committed to fighting the climate crisis. We are part of the first cohort of members to be assessed and recognised as completing the necessary Tech Zero commitments to achieve their high levels of emissions reduction for our own business.

Social Mobility Pledge
We are challenging ourselves by partnering with the Social Mobility Pledge and creating a powerful and pioneering shift towards being a truly purpose-led organisation.

Crowd & NextGen engineered

We are determined to build our own platform differently and provide real opportunities for NextGen clean coders to work on doing good. That's why we allocate upto 15% of our own component build to crowd sourced engineering and to NextGen coders as part of their training. There's nothing like doing sustainable software engineering for real and seeing the impact you can make.

Find out more about how to contribute to our product development.

In addition we have pledged our support to achieving Net Zero with the United Nations and the UK Government. The good news is we can measure the carbon footprint of our own core product, so we can definitely help you if you are in the business of building, operating or purchasing software.


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