Infrastructure Assessments

GoCodeGreen's 3 ICT screening tools provide us with the context for action with our infrastructure assessments. Allowing us to be fully aligned to the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Sector Guidance, Scope 3 and Product Standards. Enabling a full greenhouse gas emission impact analysis across ICT (including all major public cloud providers). It is activity based as opposed to market-based and provides coverage across scope 1, 2 and 3, estimated embodied emissions and operational activities including people related emissions.

Running our screening assessments are key in enabling us to maintain an integrated measurement in accordance with the GHGP-ICTSG guidance, allowing to trace measurement and impact of reduction activities from the software product level through to the large ‘buckets’ of carbon cost providing a single consistent view of data for reporting and decision-making purposes. 

Digital Screening Estimation

Our suite of screening estimation tools enables businesses to quickly understand the carbon emissions, energy consumption, and energy related costs associated with their Information and Communication Technology (ICT) usage. These tools, which are intended for screening and estimation purposes only, provide the context for action at the digital product and service level. All tools use the same calculation framework so that comparative measurement and impact can be evaluated.

Hardware Assessments


Desktop Managed Services

Covering all core components of your desktop managed services infrastructure components at office location level. Including desktop PCs, laptops, screens, mobile devices, VOIP telephony and more.


Network Managed Services

Covering all core components of your network managed services infrastructure at office and data centre location level. Including routers, LAN, WAN, firewalls and more


Data Centre and Cloud Services

Covering all essential components of your data centre and cloud services, infrastructure components are calculated at the level of the data centre. Including server and storage usage, as well as compute provisioning for cloud service provider offerings. There are five variations of Cypress, and clients can choose from any combination that applies to them:
On-premise data centres (including private cloud), AWS, Azure, GCP (Google Cloud), OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure