Learning and education are at the heart off our mission to decarbonise digital

After all, without Software Engineers, Testers, Designers, Product Owners and other technology leaders we wouldn’t have any software to decarbonise.

Each one of the roles mentioned can make a positive and negative impact on the carbon footprint of a software product and the earlier that sustainability is considered the more positive the impact on the end product.

In our experience creating great software doesn’t need to come at the expense of high carbon, but it often does.  Our software assessment and measurement also measures the effectiveness of teams and it quickly became clear that the lack of sustainable engineering skills was making a significant impact.

We realised that in order to deliver on our mission we had to fill the training gap we had identified.  So in 2023 we launched the GoCodeGreen Academy, an ever expanding collection of training courses and learning pathways for Designers, Engineers, tech leaders and anyone who works in a business driven by and through technology.

Find out more about our learning pathways for you or your business by visiting the GoCodeGreen Learning Academy and start your journey toward designing and building sustainable, climate friendly digital products and services.

I can feel a growing desire to know more and to take action. But the reality is that much more needs to happen – we must invest in education, measurement and action – and it needs to come from the engineering community as well as from the leaders in a company.

Eric Zie, CEO and Founder, GoCodeGreen