Our Impact

In our short existence GoCodeGreen has been fortunate to have worked with some of the world’s leading businesses.

We count, Major Retail and Investment banks, banking platform providers, energy companies, as well as significant areas within UK govt including the NHS, amongst GoCodeGreen's clients. 

We also count some of the world’s leading System Integrators, Consultancies and Technology Delivery specialists among our partners and clients.

What we have learned along the way is that 2 organisations no matter how similar on the outside, even with similar technology stacks are completely unique.

Measuring and providing an action plan to reduce the planetary impact of ICT has seen us make recommendations that have lead to over 15000 tCo2e taken out of the ICT of our clients. With many more clients on track we hope to more than double that impact in 2024.

As you might imagine, a modern green field cloud optimised application should make a lower impact than older applications. But not all cloud services are created equally, and not are all as green as they may suggest. In fact less than 500 of the worlds data centres are actually certified green.
However to help illustrate the potential savings you could make please see our breakdown of 3 typical applications – based on real assessments – below.
Wherever you are on your journey towards net zero we believe that you could be underestimating the impact of your technology estate. Embracing measurement could also lead you to some opportunities to decarbonise and create efficiencies in your hosting. Get in touch if you would like to find out more.
Managing our own impact is obvioulsy hugely important to us - which is why we continue to strive towards making zero scope3 impact on our clients and minimising our own emissions. See our Carbon Reduction plan.
Graph showing GoCodeGreen's expected trajectory to NetZero