GoCodeGreen offers the first and most complete carbon
diagnosis and decisioning platform for software and technology
Measure. Act. Reduce.

Software is at the heart of digital

We have to do everything we can to make software as climate conscious as possible. Software runs our digital lives and businesses. But we use lots of energy to build it and need hardware, data centres and networks to make it operate, and all of this consumes even more energy.

Imagine if we could make software more energy efficient, more energy aware and extend the lifespan of the carbon that's already been spent building the stuff on which it runs. By building planet friendly software we can make software a driver for change and good.

To start this journey use GoCodeGreen to measure and take action to reduce the carbon footprint of your software product, and in turn the technology it runs on.

Earthshot Prize Nominee

We've been nominated by the University of East Anglia for the Earthshot Prize 2023! more exciting news to follow soon...

Independently Assessed

HFS analysts have identified GoCodeGreen as one of its exciting start-ups and emerging players. We are designated as part of a select group of HFS Hot Vendors based on our offerings' distinctiveness, ecosystem robustness, client impact, financial position, and overall impact.
As a HFS Hot Vendor we are deemed to have the vision and strategy to impact and disrupt the market.

Measure, Act, Reduce

GoCodeGreen's assessment, action identification and reporting process is first to market and world-leading.

Aligned to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Standard and utilising ISO standards for software measurement, we are able to accurately measure the carbon emissions for software in both build and operate modes. Sounds complex? It is, but we take the complexity away from you and provide clear reports and actionable insights that can help you start the process of decarbonising your technology.

Our pilot phase, originally announced during NY Climate Week, is now over and we are ready to scale and help you.

Benefits of using GoCodeGreen

Inform and accelerate your decision making.

Invest up to 3 hours. That's it. That's all it takes to complete the GoCodeGreen software assessment to allow us to calculate the carbon cost of your software product. Our diagnosis is data and action driven.

We can run our assessment against any type of software - websites, mobile apps, full stack, end to end platforms and even legacy.

On average we are seeing an average 33% carbon reduction opportunity from the actionable insights we identify. The planet can't afford for us to ignore that.

Our platform is Carbon Neutral

GoCodeGreen has measured, taken action, reduced and reassessed our own platform and is now a carbon neutral software product. This means any future client using GoCodeGreen's service to assess the climate credentials of their software production or usage will not add to their own Scope 3 emissions.

If you can see the product differentiation opportunity of having a carbon neutral software product then get in touch.

GoCodeGreen have now started to work with a range of Banks, FinTechs, Technology System Integrators and Consultancy firms as well as Government Departments to assess their software platforms and support their journey toward decarbonising their software and technology. So if you are digital first or reliant on software to drive your business, reach out and take positive action toward understanding and reducing your own emissions.

Eric Zie, CEO of GoCodeGreen, says "Collaboration is an accelerator to action and builds our collective impact in addressing the climate crisis. We are proving that we can work together to do good things. Join us."

Latest News ...

A recent interview with KPMG discussing
digital decarbonisation in government

Double winners at the 2nd Global Energy Tech Awards 2022.

Winner - Best Use of Data and Insights
Winner - Standout Performer

Now recognised as one of the UK's most exciting new tech companies

COP27 ...

Flying to Egypt was never going to be a good idea. Instead we got our message out digitally in this special Cop27 edition of MyGreenPod.

How GoCodeGreen are working with others to secure a low carbon future ...

Ready to credibly reduce the carbon footprint of your software and technology?
Ready for an actionable and auditable pathway toward carbon neutral software?

Are you ready to take action?

In addition we have pledged our support to achieving Net Zero with the United Nations and the UK Government. The good news is we can measure the carbon footprint of our own core product, so we can definitely help you if you are in the business of building, operating or purchasing software.


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