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Double Award Finalist at the Institution of Engineering and Technology

These are proper, grown up awards. The IET can trace their history as far back as 1854 with the Society of Engineers (SoE). The Society of Engineers was established in May 1854 in The Strand, London, it was the third oldest professional engineering body in the UK. In 2005 the SoE was absorbed into the Institution of Incorporated Engineers (IIE)

We’ve launched our new, carbon-friend(lier) website with a 70% reduction in heavy image assets

At GoCodeGreen, we strive to live up to our own standards, which is why we used our own tools to assess ourselves and take steps to reduce the carbon footprint of our platform and our business. To be clear, we are running an experiment here. We have built and designed our website ourselves with no agencies involved. We wanted to

We are proud to be a certified B-Corp. But that doesn’t mean the journey stops here …

This matters. When I founded GoCodeGreen, its purpose and mission were to do something that was not being done, to be independent and a voice of clarity, and to assist technologists in doing the incredible things they do while keeping sustainability in mind. We care about becoming a certified B Corporation. It reflects the values and aspirations we hold dear

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