Can AI be Sustainable?


Eric Zie

CEO and Founder, GoCodeGreen
May 24, 2024

Sustainable AI….? Is it a pipe dream?
Loved the opportunity to be on the panel at King’s College London today (24th May) as part of their AI Festival. Brilliantly organised by Jie Zhang and hosted by Michael Luck. I thought it worth sharing my takeaways.

1. The work at GitHub on copilot will help accelerate AI supported software development and continue to make human oriented code development key to software engineering.

2. The types of open foundation models exemplified by Code Llama will maximise reuse and can lead to efficiency.

3. LLMs remain inherently inefficient at the moment, so measuring and helping identify opportunities to create a foundation for sustainable use is key if we are to make best use of the power of GenAI.

Really great audience interaction too. Enjoyed it!

Definitely more to follow on this topic – GoCodeGreen already have a product in beta testing to measure the impact of Generative AI, we can demonstrate that AI can be Sustainable if deployed thoughtfully, can’t wait to share more about that soon.

Author Eric Zie with his audience at the AI festival.

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Eric is CEO and Founder of GoCodeGreen, a UK-based world-leading ClimateTech company with a mission to help decarbonise the digital world in which we all live.