GoCodeGreen Achieves Year 3 TechZero Commitments


Eric Zie

CEO and Founder, GoCodeGreen
May 28, 2024

We at GoCodeGreen are a UK-based Globally focused ClimateTech focused on the decarbonisation of ICT and digital products and services. Since our inception in 2021, we have committed to a Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP) that will deliver our net-zero commitment by 2030. This is a hugely challenging task for a growing business, but with the publication of our latest CRP we remain on track to achieve our target. 

Our highlights

For the past year, our highlights have been:

  • We migrated our compute workload from on-premise to AWS.
  • Cloud native build utilising Kubernetes and Lamda to drive efficiency of the cloud migration.
  • Completely virtual workforce and location strategy, utilising shared office locations only when required for team meetings.
  • Reduction of 14% emissions between 2022 and 2023.
  • There has been a 29% reduction in emissions since the baseline year in 2021.

We are committed to a further 5% reduction in 2024, recognising the anticipated growth of our business, and we will be achieving this through a commitment to remove air travel wherever possible and switch to renewable energy contracts for employees.

As a digital business, the environmental impact of our platform and use of ICT constitutes over 50% of our total emissions. To achieve our total organisational reduction in 2024, we have used our measurement platform to estimate that we can further reduce our digital platform-related emissions by 34% carbon reduction pa, saving the equivalent of 4,862 kWh of energy pa (c.£1,264 pa in cost savings). We will be achieving this through further modernisation of our platform and making new, more energy efficient compute provisioning choices in 2024.

Each year, our performance is reviewed by TechZero and SeaTrees, whom we use to remove our residual carbon for both our organisation and digital platform. We remain a verified Climate Neutral Positive business, and our digital services do not contribute to the Scope 3 emissions of any of our clients.

“Amazing stuff. I love love love how proactive you are and how you’re such a great example of just getting on and doing the thing”

Sophia Kesteven- General Manager of Tech Zero 

GCG in the news

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Eric is CEO and Founder of GoCodeGreen, a UK-based world-leading ClimateTech company with a mission to help decarbonise the digital world in which we all live.