TechZero Year 2 Commitments Achieved!


Eric Zie

CEO and Founder, GoCodeGreen
May 21, 2024

Amazing news! TechZero has validated and acknowledged our efforts to decarbonise our own company and digital products. This is the second year that we have been evaluated and met our goals on the path to Net-Zero.

TechZero’s General Manager, Sophia Kesteven, remarked, “It’s so good to see your progress and I think you’re a great inspiration for other companies to stay committed and do the work … I love how easy it is to find your plan on your website too, and that you’re going above and beyond in terms of carbon removal.”

This should provide additional assurance to any organisation thinking about us as a partner or service provider that we “eat our own dogfood” or, as I prefer, “drink our own champagne” when it comes to climate action.

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Eric is CEO and Founder of GoCodeGreen, a UK-based world-leading ClimateTech company with a mission to help decarbonise the digital world in which we all live.